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The Big Picture

linfa-preprocessing is a crate in the linfa ecosystem, an effort to create a toolkit for classical Machine Learning implemented in pure Rust, akin to Python’s scikit-learn.

Current state

linfa-preprocessing provides a pure Rust implementation of:

  • Standard scaling
  • Min-max scaling
  • Max Abs Scaling
  • Normalization (l1, l2 and max norm)
  • Count vectorization
  • Term frequency - inverse document frequency count vectorization
  • Whitening


pub use error::PreprocessingError;
pub use error::Result;


Error definitions for preprocessing
Linear Scaling methods
Sample normalization methods
Term frequency - inverse document frequency vectorization methods
Methods for uncorrelating data



Counts the occurrences of each vocabulary entry, learned during fitting, in a sequence of documents. Each vocabulary entry is mapped to an integer value that is used to index the count in the result.
Count vectorizer: learns a vocabulary from a sequence of documents (or file paths) and maps each vocabulary entry to an integer value, producing a CountVectorizer that can be used to count the occurrences of each vocabulary entry in any sequence of documents. Alternatively a user-specified vocabulary can be used for fitting.