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A library providing asynchronous, multiplexed tailing for (namely log) files.

Also available is the underlying file event-stream (driven by notify) that can register non-existent files.


use linemux::MuxedLines;

async fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
    let mut lines = MuxedLines::new()?;

    // Register some files to be tailed, whether they currently exist or not.

    // Wait for `Line` event, which contains the line captured for a given
    // source path.
    while let Ok(Some(line)) = lines.next_line().await {
        println!("source: {}, line: {}", line.source().display(), line.line());


Currently, linemux assumes that if a nonexistent file is added, its parent does at least exist to register a directory watch with notify. This is done for performance reasons and to simplify the pending-watch complexity (such as limiting recursion and fs event spam). However, this may change if a need presents itself.


Line captured for a given source path.
Manages filesystem event watches, and can be polled to receive new events.
Manages file watches, and can be polled to receive new lines.