Trait lindel::ValidKey[][src]

pub trait ValidKey<Coor>: PrimInt + From<Coor> + BitOrAssign<Self> + BitAndAssign<Self> + ShlAssign<usize> { }

Guarantees that a given data structure is suitable for a Morton Key.

Essentially, it guarantees that a) it behaves as if it’s an integer and b) that it’s larger than the relevant coordinate.

Ideally, we would also like a const N: usize here that would assert that a Key value is at least N times larger than a Coor value, but as of current (1.50) Rust this is not possible.


impl<Coor, Key> ValidKey<Coor> for Key where
    Key: PrimInt + From<Coor> + BitOrAssign<Key> + BitAndAssign<Key> + ShlAssign<usize>, 

All primitive int types are suitable for Morton Keys.

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