Function lindel::hilbert_decode[][src]

pub fn hilbert_decode<Coordinate, const N: usize>(
    input: <Coordinate as IdealKey<N>>::Key
) -> [Coordinate; N] where
    Coordinate: IdealKey<N> + ToPrimitive + PrimInt + BitOrAssign + BitAndAssign + BitXorAssign,
    <Coordinate as IdealKey<N>>::Key: ValidKey<Coordinate> + BitXorAssign

A free function for decoding a Hilbert Index into an array of primitive integers.


let output: [u8; 4] = hilbert_decode(0xDEADBEEFu32);
// Please note the explicit declaration of the output data type.
assert_eq!(output, [199u8, 38, 136, 240]);

Implemented as thin wrapper around the from_hilbert_index method.