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A pure-Rust client library to work with systemd.

It provides support to interact with systemd components available on modern Linux systems. This crate is entirely implemented in Rust, and does not require an external libsystemd dynamic library.

use libsystemd::daemon::{self, NotifyState};

fn notify_ready() -> bool {
    if !daemon::booted() {
        println!("Not running systemd, early exit.");
        return false;

    let sent = daemon::notify(true, &[NotifyState::Ready]).expect("notify failed");
    if !sent {
        println!("Notification not sent!");


Interfaces for socket-activated services.

Interfaces for systemd-aware daemons.

Error handling.

APIs for processing 128-bits IDs.

Helpers for logging to systemd-journald.

Helpers for working with systemd units.