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libproc is a library for getting information about running processes on Mac and Linux.

Not all methods are available on both Operating Systems yet, but more will be made cross-platform over time.

Get information (such as name, path, process info, fd) about running processes by pid, process type, etc.

At the moment these methods have been implemented, most of which have examples in their docs:


  • Get information specific to BSD/Darwin on macos BSD specific information - very macos specific
  • Get information about a process’s use of different types of file descriptors Information about Files and File Descriptors used by processes
  • Read messages from the Kernel Message Buffer Get messages from the kernel message buffer
  • Get information about a processes use of network, sockets etc. Information about Network usage by a process
  • Get information about resource usage of processes Information about Process Resource Usage - added in Mac OS X 10.9
  • Get information about processes using mainly the pid Get basic information about processes by PID
  • List processes by type, path or by type and path.
  • Get information about a process’s BSD Tasks Information about Tasks - very macos specific
  • Get information about threads within a process Information about Threads running inside processes
  • Get information about Work Queues Information about Work Queues - very macos specific