[][src]Struct libp2p::yamux::Yamux

pub struct Yamux<S>(_);

A Yamux connection.


impl<C> Yamux<Incoming<C>> where
    C: AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Send + Unpin + 'static, 

pub fn new(io: C, cfg: Config, mode: Mode) -> Yamux<Incoming<C>>[src]

Create a new Yamux connection.

impl<C> Yamux<LocalIncoming<C>> where
    C: AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Unpin + 'static, 

pub fn local(io: C, cfg: Config, mode: Mode) -> Yamux<LocalIncoming<C>>[src]

Create a new Yamux connection (which is Send).

Trait Implementations

impl<S> Debug for Yamux<S>[src]

impl<S> StreamMuxer for Yamux<S> where
    S: Stream<Item = Result<Stream, YamuxError>> + Unpin

type Substream = Stream

Type of the object that represents the raw substream where data can be read and written.

type OutboundSubstream = OpenSubstreamToken

Future that will be resolved when the outgoing substream is open.

type Error = YamuxError

Error type of the muxer

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<S> !RefUnwindSafe for Yamux<S>

impl<S> Send for Yamux<S> where
    S: Send

impl<S> Sync for Yamux<S> where
    S: Send

impl<S> Unpin for Yamux<S> where
    S: Unpin

impl<S> !UnwindSafe for Yamux<S>

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