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Rust binding and wrapper around the excellent libosmium c++ library.


This crate was started out of necessity for a larger project. Therefore, it won’t get much attention unless I need another feature or find a bug. But feel free to contribute.

What it does

This crate exposes libosmium’s osm object classes (i.e. OSMObject, Node, Way, etc.) and the Handler interface to read those from a file (currently only .pbf).

Since libosmium has its own memory management, all objects are only exposed via references. So most of the types on rust’s side are empty enums which can’t be instantiated.

To expose these c++ classes’ methods, this crate uses a small c++ shim (namely src/libosmium.cpp) which reexports them as un-mangled functions taking pointers. Methods whose behaviour is trivial enough are simply implemented directly in rust to avoid unnecessary boilerplate.

Build dependencies

This package builds libosmium and therefore needs its dependencies.

Install for debian:

apt install build-essential libboost-dev libprotozero-dev zlib1g-dev

Install for arch:

pacman -Sy cmake make boost-libs protozero zlib

Where to start

As stated above this crate is for reading osm objects from a file. Therefore, you should start with the Handler trait which does exactly that.


pub use handler::Handler;


defines the heart of this crate, the Handler.
defines types storing a list of nodes.
defines the TagList as well as its iterator.


Nice syntax for creating an OwnedTagList using literals.


This type is the base class responsible for libosmium’s custom memory management.
Buffer to clone OSM items into
A gps coordinate in angles of latitude and longitude
Reference to a Node


An area, as the name suggests, is some mapped area with tags.
Enum for converting an Item reference into a reference of its actual subclass.
A Node is some point on the map with associated tags.
Base class for OSM ’s objects:
A way is a tagged list of Nodes.


The precision longitude and latitude are stored with.