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Common utilities for buildpacks written with Originally designed to be only used for official Heroku buildpacks. It was moved into the repository as an incubator for utilities that might find their way into proper.

This crate is optional and not required to write buildpacks with It provides helpers that buildpack authors commonly need. Examples are digest generation, filesystem utilities, HTTP download helpers and tarball extraction.

§Crate Features

It is common to not need all the helpers in this crate. To avoid including unnecessary code and dependencies, this crate uses Cargo features to allow opt-out of certain modules if they’re not needed.

The feature names line up with the modules in this crate. All features are enabled by default.

  • command - Enabled helpers to work with std::process::Command.
  • download - Enables helpers to download files over HTTP.
  • digest - Enables helpers to create checksums of files.
  • error - Enables helpers to achieve consistent error logging.
  • log - Enables helpers for logging.
  • buildpack_output - Enables helpers for user-facing buildpack output.
  • tar - Enables helpers for working with tarballs.
  • toml - Enables helpers for working with TOML data.
  • fs - Enables helpers for filesystem related tasks.
  • write - Enables std::io::Write proxy implementations.