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§LDPC toolbox

ldpc_toolbox is a collection of Rust utilities to generate LDPC codes. The goal is to eventually support several LDPC design algorithms from the literature.

It can be used as a Rust library or as a CLI tool that allows access from the command line to many of the algorithms implemented in ldpc-toolbox. See cli for documentation about the usage of the CLI tool.


  • ldpc-toolbox CLI application
  • LDPC codes used in standards
  • LDPC belief propagation decoders.
  • LDPC systematic encoder.
  • Finite field GF(2) arithmetic.
  • MacKay-Neal pseudorandom LDPC construction
  • Progressive Edge Growth (PEG) LDPC construction
  • Reproducible random functions
  • Simulation.
  • Sparse binary matrix representation and functions
  • Systematic code constructions.