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License: MIT Apache License 2.0 Github CI Minimum rustc version

§LDAP Parser

A Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) (RFC4511) parser, implemented with the nom parser combinator framework.

It is written in pure Rust, fast, and makes extensive use of zero-copy. A lot of care is taken to ensure security and safety of this crate, including design (recursion limit, defensive programming), tests, and fuzzing. It also aims to be panic-free.

The code is available on Github and is part of the Rusticata project.


Parsing an LDAP message (in BER format):

use ldap_parser::FromBer;
use ldap_parser::ldap::{LdapMessage, MessageID, ProtocolOp, ProtocolOpTag};

static DATA: &[u8] = include_bytes!("../assets/message-search-request-01.bin");

let res = LdapMessage::from_ber(DATA);
match res {
    Ok((rem, msg)) => {
        assert_eq!(msg.message_id, MessageID(4));
        assert_eq!(msg.protocol_op.tag(), ProtocolOpTag::SearchRequest);
        match msg.protocol_op {
            ProtocolOp::SearchRequest(req) => {
                assert_eq!(req.base_object.0, "dc=rccad,dc=net");
            _ => panic!("Unexpected message type"),
    _ => panic!("LDAP parsing failed: {:?}", res),



  • LDAP errors
  • Definition for types used in LDAP filters
  • Definitions for LDAP types


  • The Err enum indicates the parser was not successful


  • Base trait for BER object parsers


Type Aliases§

  • Holds the result of parsing functions