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Welcome to lastfm_rs, a Rust library for interacting with the API.

This library aims to be easy to work with, as well as having complete support for the majority of the API endpoints. However, at this time, only a few API endpoints are supported by the library. These include a few endpoints relating to retrieving user information, such as recent tracks, or general user information retrieval. For all supported API endpoints, please check the Modules section; all API endpoints are organized by data type and/or category as reflected by the API Documentation.

However, it should be noted that the Scrobbling API is not planned to be implemented in the near future, as music / media players written in Rust are fairly uncommon at this time, meaning support for scrobbling is not currently a high priority for the library. This can always change however, but the main focus is being as robust a library as possible for working with the heavily data-driven API endpoints.

The error and model modules are only used for error handling and models that are used across several API endpoints, so they can be ignored, unless you intend on implementing error handling in your application, in which case the error module should be looked at as the module has support for all of’s error types.


lastfm_rs is very easy to install into a project; just add the following to the [dependencies] section of your Cargo.toml file in your project’s main directory.

lastfm_rs = "0.4"


error Error Handling

model Data Models

user User API Endpoints


Miscellaneous utilities.



The client.


The Request Builder.