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lambda_calculus is a simple implementation of the untyped lambda calculus in Rust.


pub use self::parser::parse;
pub use self::reduction::beta;
pub use self::term::abs;
pub use self::term::app;
pub use self::term::Term;
pub use self::term::UD;
pub use self::reduction::Order::*;
pub use self::term::Notation::*;
pub use self::term::Term::*;
pub use crate::data::list::convert::*;
pub use crate::data::num::convert::Encoding::*;
pub use crate::data::num::convert::*;


Lambda-encoded data types

A parser for lambda expressions

β-reduction for lambda Terms


A macro for multiple abstraction of Terms.

A macro for chain application of Terms.

A macro for obtaining a projection function (π) providing the i-th (one-indexed) element of a lambda-encoded n-tuple.

A macro for creating lambda-encoded tuples.