Struct l3gd20::Status [] [src]

pub struct Status {
    pub overrun: bool,
    pub z_overrun: bool,
    pub y_overrun: bool,
    pub x_overrun: bool,
    pub new_data: bool,
    pub z_new: bool,
    pub y_new: bool,
    pub x_new: bool,

Sensor status


Overrun (data has overwritten previously unread data) has occurred on at least one axis

Overrun occurred on Z-axis

Overrun occurred on Y-axis

Overrun occurred on X-axis

New data is available for either X, Y, Z - axis

New data is available on Z-axis

New data is available on Y-axis

New data is available on X-axis

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Status


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impl Copy for Status

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Status

impl Sync for Status