[][src]Struct kuchiki::Selectors

pub struct Selectors(pub Vec<Selector>);

A pre-compiled list of CSS Selectors.


impl Selectors[src]

pub fn compile(s: &str) -> Result<Selectors, ()>[src]

Compile a list of selectors. This may fail on syntax errors or unsupported selectors.

pub fn matches(&self, element: &NodeDataRef<ElementData>) -> bool[src]

Returns whether the given element matches this list of selectors.

Important traits for Select<I, S>
pub fn filter<I>(&self, iter: I) -> Select<I, &Selectors> where
    I: Iterator<Item = NodeDataRef<ElementData>>, 

Filter an element iterator, yielding those matching this list of selectors.

Trait Implementations

impl Display for Selectors[src]

impl Debug for Selectors[src]

impl FromStr for Selectors[src]

type Err = ()

The associated error which can be returned from parsing.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Selectors

impl Sync for Selectors

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