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The Rust Kitchen Sink

Below are crates that are generally useful, with the goal being quick, one-off “script” writing.


  • High utility / complexity crates. This value is subjective, and at the whimsy of the maintainer. An example of a crate that would not match is tokio, which provides great amounts of utility, but is also very complex.
  • Crates useful for one-off scripts. Once a project gets larger than a few thousand lines of code, it has likely outlived the usefulness of this crate.
  • Opinionated feature flags. Dependencies already have feature flags set that could be useful.


  • Conservative Size. Optimizing for size isn’t a concern; this crate is gonna get big.

Included Crates

anyhowEasier error handling
fastrandEasy Random number generation
globFile globbing and matching
once_cellSafe global vars
rayonEasy concurrency
regexRegular Expressions
structoptCLI arg parsing


pub use anyhow;
pub use fastrand;
pub use glob;
pub use once_cell;
pub use rayon;
pub use regex;
pub use structopt;