[][src]Crate kernel_print

Implements the print!, println! and dbg! macros so they can be used in the kernel without the use of an allocator.

By default the macros are prefixed with kernel_. If you want to remove the prefix, you can enable the std_name feature.


Exactly as you'd use the original macros from the standard library.


// ...

kernel_dbg!(2 + 2);
kernel_print!("{} + {} = {}\n", 2, 2, 2 + 2);
kernel_println!("{} + {} = {}", 2, 2, 2 + 2);


  • std_name: Allows you to use the macros without the kernel_ prefix.
  • format: Uses the format! macro instead of the core::fmt::Write trait to convert the passed data into a string.



Macro for printing the value of a given expression for quick and dirty debugging.


Prints to the standard output.


Prints to the standard output, with a newline.