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KAS shell over winit and WebGPU

This crate implements a KAS shell (backend) using WebGPU for GPU-accelerated rendering and winit for windowing, thus it should be portable to most desktop and potentially also mobile platforms.

This crate supports themes via the kas_theme crate, including shaded drawing.

Custom GPU-accelerated drawing is supported via draw::CustomPipe (see the Mandlebrot example).

By default, some environment variables are read for configuration. See options::Options::from_env for documentation.


pub use options::Options;
pub use kas;
pub use kas_theme as theme;
pub use wgpu;


Drawing API for kas_wgpu



Error type returned by ToolkitProxy functions.

A toolkit over winit and WebGPU

A proxy allowing control of a Toolkit from another thread.


Possible failures from constructing a Toolkit