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KAS theme support

This crate provides the Theme trait, MultiTheme adapter, color schemes, some supporting items, and the themes FlatTheme and ShadedTheme.

Custom themes may be built over this crate, optionally including custom draw routines (e.g. DrawShaded), provided that the shell implements support. Alternatively this crate may be skipped altogether, especially for a minimal shell with a custom fixed theme.


Provides standard theme colours
Event handling configuration
A theme with flat (unshaded) rendering
Input and highlighting state of a widget
Wrapper around mutliple themes, supporting run-time switching
Font raster settings
A theme using simple shading to give apparent depth to elements
A simple theme


An optionally-owning (boxed) reference


Extension trait providing shaded drawing over DrawIface
A theme provides widget sizing and drawing implementations.
Requirements on theme config (with config feature)
As Theme, but without associated types
Per-window storage for the theme

Type Definitions

Colors parameterised for graphics usage
Colors parameterised for reading and writing using sRGB