Struct ka::single::Ackley[][src]

pub struct Ackley {}

This is the Ackley function.

The function is borrowed from here. Although the function accepts a vector with an arbitrary number of inputs, this is what it looks like in 2D:

Trait Implementations

impl Bounded for Ackley[src]

const BOUNDS: (f64, f64)[src]

The bounds of the canonical sphere optimization problem are infinite.

impl NDimensional for Ackley[src]

impl SingleObjective for Ackley[src]

const MINIMUM: f64[src]

The global minimum is constant and zero

fn f(x: Vec<f64>) -> f64[src]

Function for evaluating

fn minimizer(n: usize) -> Vec<f64>[src]

This function returns the minimizer (argument that will return the global minimum

impl UnConstrained for Ackley[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Ackley

impl Send for Ackley

impl Sync for Ackley

impl Unpin for Ackley

impl UnwindSafe for Ackley

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