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JWT signing (JWS) and verification, with first class JWK and JWK Set (JWKS) support.

Supports almost all JWS algorithms:

  • HS256, HS384, HS512
  • Ed25519
  • ES256, ES384, ES512, ES256K
  • RS256, RS384, RS512
  • PS256, PS384, PS512

Supports exp and nbf validations. (Other validations will not be supported, because they are mostly application specific and can be easily implemented by applications.)

Supports converting public/private keys to/from PEM/JWK. Supports working with generic keys (where the algorithm is determined at runtime), i.e. SomePrivateKey/SomePublicKey.

Uses good old openssl for crypto.

See the examples folder for some examples.


JWK and JWK Set.


JWT Claims.

JWT header.

JWT header and claims.


An RSA, EC or Ed25519 private key.

An RSA, EC or Ed25519 public.



Decode token.

Encode and sign this header and claims with the signing key.

Decode and verify token.

Decode and verify token, but do not check exp and nbf.

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