[][src]Struct juniper::Arguments

pub struct Arguments<'a, S = DefaultScalarValue> { /* fields omitted */ }

Field argument container


impl<'a, S> Arguments<'a, S> where
    S: ScalarValue

pub fn get<T>(&self, key: &str) -> Option<T> where
    T: FromInputValue<S>,
    &'b S: ScalarRefValue<'b>, 

Get and convert an argument into the desired type.

If the argument is found, or a default argument has been provided, the InputValue will be converted into the type T.

Returns Some if the argument is present and type conversion succeeeds.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a, S: Debug> Debug for Arguments<'a, S>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a, S> RefUnwindSafe for Arguments<'a, S> where
    S: RefUnwindSafe

impl<'a, S> Send for Arguments<'a, S> where
    S: Send

impl<'a, S> Sync for Arguments<'a, S> where
    S: Sync

impl<'a, S> Unpin for Arguments<'a, S> where
    S: Unpin

impl<'a, S> UnwindSafe for Arguments<'a, S> where
    S: UnwindSafe

Blanket Implementations

impl<T> Any for T where
    T: 'static + ?Sized

impl<T> Borrow<T> for T where
    T: ?Sized

impl<T> BorrowMut<T> for T where
    T: ?Sized

impl<T> From<T> for T[src]

impl<T, U> Into<U> for T where
    U: From<T>, 

impl<T, U> TryFrom<U> for T where
    U: Into<T>, 

type Error = Infallible

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

impl<T, U> TryInto<U> for T where
    U: TryFrom<T>, 

type Error = <U as TryFrom<T>>::Error

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.