Crate jtd_fuzz[][src]

Generate fuzzed data from a JSON Type Definition schema.

Quick start

Here's how you can use fuzz to generate dummy data from a schema.

use serde_json::json;
use rand::SeedableRng;

// An example schema we can test against.
let schema = jtd::Schema::from_serde_schema(serde_json::from_value(json!({
    "properties": {
        "name": { "type": "string" },
        "createdAt": { "type": "timestamp" },
        "favoriteNumbers": {
            "elements": { "type": "uint8" }

// A hard-coded RNG, so that the output is predictable.
let mut rng = rand_pcg::Pcg32::seed_from_u64(8927);

assert_eq!(jtd_fuzz::fuzz(&schema, &mut rng), json!({
    "name": "f",
    "createdAt": "1931-10-18T16:37:09-03:03",
    "favoriteNumbers": [166, 142]



Generates a single random JSON value satisfying a given schema.