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jsonrpsee-ws-server is a JSON RPC WebSocket server library that’s is built for async/await.


pub use jsonrpsee_types as types;
pub use tracing;


No-op implementation to be used for servers that don’t support subscriptions.

Generates random integers as subscription ID.

Generates random strings of length len as subscription ID.

Sets of JSON-RPC methods can be organized into a “module“s that are in turn registered on the server or, alternatively, merged with other modules to construct a cohesive API. RpcModule wraps an additional context argument that can be used to access data during call execution.

Represents a single subscription.

A WebSocket JSON RPC server.

Builder to configure and create a JSON-RPC Websocket server

Handle that is able to stop the running server or wait for it to finish its execution.

A Future that resolves once the server has stopped.


Trait to generate subscription IDs.