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Transport agnostic jsonrpc library.

Right now it supports only server side handling requests.

use jsonrpc_core::IoHandler;
use jsonrpc_core::Value;
let mut io = IoHandler::new();
io.add_sync_method("say_hello", |_| {
    Ok(Value::String("Hello World!".into()))

let request = r#"{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "say_hello", "params": [42, 23], "id": 1}"#;
let response = r#"{"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":"Hello World!","id":1}"#;

assert_eq!(io.handle_request_sync(request), Some(response.to_string()));


pub use futures;
pub use futures_util;
pub use crate::delegates::IoDelegate;
pub use crate::middleware::Middleware;
pub use crate::middleware::Noop as NoopMiddleware;
pub use crate::types::*;


Delegate rpc calls

IoHandler middlewares

JSON-RPC types


Simplified IoHandler with no Metadata associated with each request.

Request handler


IoHandler json-rpc protocol compatibility

Possible Remote Procedures with Metadata


A type that can augment MetaIoHandler.

Metadata trait

Asynchronous Method with Metadata

Asynchronous Method

A synchronous or asynchronous method.

Notification with Metadata


A future-conversion trait.


workaround for Arbitrary precision confuses serde when deserializing into untagged enums, this is a workaround

Type Definitions

A Future trait object.

A type representing middleware or RPC call output.

A type representing middleware or RPC response before serialization.

A type representing future string response.

A type representing an optional Response for RPC Request.

A Result type.