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jsonprima is a RFC 8259 compliant JSON validator in Rust. This module comes as a Cargo library or CLI version.

CLI Usage

You can grab the latest release of the binary on GitHub.

Pass the JSON document to validate as argument using the -i option.

$ jsonprima -i "[true, false]"

The returned value is an JSON array with the returned errors as described bellow:

interface Error {
  code: string,
  description: string,
  index_start: number,
  index_end: number

In the above example the JSON document is valid, so the array does not contain any errors.

Here is an example of a wrong JSON document:

$ jsonprima -i "trua"
"[{\"code\": \"E105\", \"description\": \"Invalid character in literal name.\", \"index_end\": 4, \"index_start\": 0}]"

Note: This is a non-tolerant parser, expect that there will be at most one error in the returned array.



Error type of validation functions.



A list of all error variants used by this module.



Validate a JSON document based on RFC 8259 latest standard.