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json_typegen as just a library, for use in build scripts and other crates. If you want an actual interface, like a website, CLI or procedural macro, check the repo:

Note: This crate is to a certain extent considered internal API of the json_typegen tools. If you want to use this crate directly, be prepared for breaking changes to happen, and consider opening an issue to let me know what you are using. (Breaking changes may still happen, but then I’ll at least try to keep your use-case in mind if possible. This has happened enough by now that there are parts I already consider public API.)


Functions for parsing json_typegen macro invocations and their arguments


The Error type.

Options for the code generation


The kind of an error.

How imports/external types should be handled by code generation

The type representing the inferred structure


Additional methods for Result, for easy interaction with this crate.


The main code generation function for json_typegen

Generate code from a json_typegen macro invocation

Generate code from the arguments to a json_typegen macro invocation

Just code generation, no inference