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convert json object to protobuf message

json2pb is a library for converting json object to protobuf message. It also provides a commandline program j2pb. For more information, run j2pb -h

j2pb -f test.json this can convert test.json to pb message and print the result on the screen(stdout)

j2pb -f test.json -o test.proto does the same thing but save the result in test.proto

json2pb library

And you can use json2pb in your project just by adding json2pb="*" in your cargo dependency.


use json2pb::parser;
use json2pb::pbgen;
use nom::error::VerboseError;

let json_code = r#"
        "name": "deen",
        "score": 98.5,
        "list": [
                 "i_name": "deen"
                 "i_name": "caibirdme",
                 "i_age": 26
         "foo": []

let json_value = parser::parse_root(json_code).unwrap();
let json_2_pb_ast = pbgen::visit_json_root(&json_value).unwrap();
let generated_pb_message = pbgen::gen_pb_def(&json_2_pb_ast);
assert_eq!(generated_pb_message, r#"message root_data {
    string name = 1;
    double score = 2;
    repeated List list = 3;
    repeated google.protobuf.Any foo = 4;

    message List {
        string i_name = 1;
        int64 i_age = 2;



Type Definitions


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