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A small library to dispatch job files to relevant handlers.

This library implements the core logic of a Director which dispatches jobs described in JSON files to a relevant Handler and then archives the job based on whether it was accepted or rejected.

Job files

Job files are files ending in a .json extension in JSON format. Two keys are required:

  • kind: this string value is used to determine which handler will be used to handle the job.
  • data: this value is passed to the handler.

Other keys may be used (e.g., a timestamp to indicate when the job was created).

Job files are treated as read-only by the director.


Utilities for director-based tools.


Dispatch jobs to registered handlers.

A watchdog for the director.


Errors which may occur when running a director.

Results from an event.

Outbox labels.

The result of running jobs.


Interface for handling events asynchronously.

Interface for handling events.

Type Definitions

An error which can occur when handling a job.