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Persist serializable in-memory data in JSON format

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Do not use jsave unless you only have a small amount of data. It is not really IO-efficient. Use a proper database like SQLite instead

jsave provides RwLock, Mutex and ReentrantMutex, which are wraps of those in parking_lot, with addition APIs to serialize and store in-memory data to file


use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize};
use std::{collections::HashMap, io};

// Data to be persisted. Needs to be serializable and deserializable
#[derive(Debug, Serialize, Deserialize)]
struct Data(HashMap<String, usize>);

impl Default for Data {
    fn default() -> Self {

fn main() -> io::Result<()> {
    let path = "PATH_TO_DB_FILE";

    use jsave::Mutex;
    use std::fs::OpenOptions;

    // Open the database file, or create it if it doesn't exist
    let db = if OpenOptions::new()
        Mutex::init_with(Data::default(), path)?
    } else {

        // Read and write data just like a regular `Mutex`
        let mut db = db.lock();
        db.0.insert("foo".to_string(), 114514);
        println!("{:?}", *db);

    // Save the data onto the disk. The `Mutex` is locked until the save is complete;


Optional Features

  • pretty - Store the data as a pretty-printed String of JSON
  • send_guard - Allow lock guards to be sent to other threads
  • preserve_order - Read data into a Value and written back to a JSON string while preserving the order of map keys in the input
  • float_roundtrip - Use sufficient precision when parsing fixed precision floats from JSON to ensure that they maintain accuracy when round-tripped through JSON. This comes at an approximately 2x performance cost for parsing floats compared to the default best-effort precision
  • arbitrary_precision - Use an arbitrary precision number representation for serde_json::Number. This allows JSON numbers of arbitrary size/precision to be read into a Number and written back to a JSON string without loss of precision
  • unbounded_depth - Provide a method disable_recursion_limit to parse arbitrarily deep JSON structures without any consideration for overflowing the stack


GNU General Public License v3.0


pub use crate::mutex::Mutex;
pub use crate::remutex::ReentrantMutex;
pub use crate::rwlock::RwLock;