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js-macros MIT/Apache 2.0 CI

Quickly prototype Rust procedural macros using JavaScript or TypeScript!

Have you ever thought “this would be a great use case for a procedural macro,” but didn’t want to go through all the effort? This crate is the perfect fix for you!

js-macros = "0.1"

How to use

Setup is just three easy steps!

  1. Create a js-macros folder at the root of your cargo workspace
  2. Create a new .js or .ts macro file in the folder
  3. Import your new macro and use it anywhere in your project!

Helpful tip: These macros are invoked using node, allowing you to use tools like require()


Example macros can be found in this repository’s js-macros folder, with example usage in the examples folder.

Here’s all it takes to write a custom derive(Copy) macro:

//! JS_MACRO: derive(Copy)

const type = /(?:struct|enum) (.*?)\s/.exec(MACRO_INPUT)[1];

MACRO_OUTPUT = `impl Copy for ${type} {}`;

Usage is as simple as #[derive(js_macros::Copy, Clone)]

Debugging Macros

Any errors thrown by your js code will be captured and turned into a procedural macro error at build time. You can take advantage of this by throwing errors to debug your js macros.

Build Time Impact

Each macro expansion takes somewhere in the ballpark of 10ms to 40ms, which can add up quickly.

Typescript compilation is cached and should only affect initial builds.

IDE Support

  • rust-analyzer - works very well with js-macros, you’ll just need to run the Rust Analyzer: Restart Server command after changing a js macro
  • IntelliJ-Rust - More finicky, but still picks up js-macro generated items
    • First, you’ll need to enable the experimental build script and procedural macro features:
      • Call Help | Find Action (Ctrl+Shift+A on Linux/Windows, ⌘⇧A on macOS)
      • Search for Experimental Features
      • Enable and org.rust.macros.proc
    • After making a change to a js macro, you’ll want to run the “Refresh Cargo Projects” command.
      • Your old macro output still seems to be cached after this, so you’ll need to change the body of the macro as well