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Jokolink is a crate to deal with Mumble Link data exposed by other games/apps on windows via shared memory Joko link is a windows only crate. designed to primarily get the MumbleLink or the window size of the GW2 window for Jokolay (an crossplatform overlay for Guild Wars 2). It can also expose the data through a server. can easily be modified to get data from other applications too. on windows, you can use it to get the pointer. and on linux, you can run jokolink in wine, so that you can easily request the data from a linux native application. It can multiple accessing data of multiple MumbleLinks, and allows multiple clients to request the data.



The configuration that mumble needs. just a mumble link name

This is used to update the link from the mumble source. when src is none, the link is usually a default. check if its valid before using

This source will be the used to abstract the linux/windows way of getting MumbleLink on windows, this represents the shared memory pointer to mumblelink, and as long as one of gw2 or a client like us is alive, the shared memory will stay alive on linux, this will be a File in /dev/shm that will only exist if jokolink created it at some point in time. this lives in ram, so reading from it is pretty much free.

The Window dimensions struct used to represent the window position/sizes. has lots of derives, so we don’t have to update this again when requiring something like Hash


initializes global logging backend that is used by log macros Takes in a filter for stdout/stderr, a filter for logfile and finally the path to logfile