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You may be searching for the repository, you are currently in the backend code for Jingo.

The central library for Jingo, containing the core of the compiler.

This library is designed to be used downstream for the official CLI or any future language servers/other tooling utilising the compiler without wanting the added bulk of CLI dependencies.


Add to your Cargo.toml:

jingo-lib = "0.1"

Developer Notes

  • All frontend (e.g. lexing, parsing, ast) are contained in the frontend module and all backend parts (e.g. codegen) are contained in backend if you need to interact with a specific part of the compiler.



Backend for Jingo, where activities such as codegen happen.


Various enums and implementations of errors for downstream use


Frontend activities regarding Jingo, such as lexing, parsing and the ast.



Compiles code to the best of the compilers (current) ability, e.g. lexing.