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A decoder for the ITM and DWT packet protocol as specifed in the ARMv7-M architecture reference manual, Appendix D4. Any references in this code base refers to this document.

Common abbreviations:

  • ITM: instrumentation trace macrocell;
  • PC: program counter;
  • DWT: data watchpoint and trace unit;
  • MSB: most significant bit;
  • BE: big-endian;


Re-exports for exception types of the cortex-m crate for serde purposes.


ITM and DWT packet protocol decoder.

Combined timestamp generated from local and global timestamp packets. Field values relate to the target’s global timestamp clock. See (Appendix C1, page 713).

Association between a set of TracePackets and their Timestamp.


Denotes the action taken by the processor by a given exception. (Table D4-6)

A header or payload byte failed to be decoded.

Denotes the type of memory access.

Indicates the relationship between the generation of the local timestamp packet and the corresponding ITM or DWT data packet. (Appendix D4.2.4)

The set of valid packet types that can be decoded.