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This crate provides an iterator adapter that yields N elements of the iterator at a time.


This crate is deprecated in favour of the itermore crate and it currently just re-exports types from there. The following dependency definition is the equivalent of using this crate.

# Cargo.toml

itermore = { version = "...", default-features = false, features = ["array_chunks"] }

Getting started

Add the crate to your Cargo manifest.

cargo add iterchunks

And bring the IterArrayChunks trait into scope.

use iterchunks::IterArrayChunks;

Now you can use the array_chunks method on any iterator.

for [a, b, c] in iter.array_chunks() {
    println!("{} {} {}", a, b, c)

Generally the size of N can be inferred by the compiler but you can also specify it manually.

let c = iter.array_chunks::<3>();


  • An iterator over N elements of the iterator at a time.