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Have you ever wanted to know if a value is rust, or at least rusty?

Maybe you're doing form validation for a Rust position at your company, and you want to make sure that someone only inputs Rust-acceptable values. Say that your form looks like this:

This example is not tested
1: "What is your favourite programming language?"


2: "What language runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarentees
thread safety?"


3: "What is your favourite colour defined in HEX?"


4: "When someone hasn't practiced something for a while, what would you call


Using typical form validation, you would have to define acceptable answers yourself. Using this library, you can simply use the function is_rust or is_at_least_rusty for all inputs.


For example, rust is rust:

extern crate is_rust;

assert!(is_rust::is_rust("rust")); // this is rust

Similarly, Rust is rust:

extern crate is_rust;

assert!(is_rust::is_rust("Rust")); // this is rust

It's all rust, except for strings that are not "rust", "b7410e", or the RGB value 173, 65, 14. Other than that, it's Rust. You can confirm this due to the fact that Python is not Rust:

extern crate is_rust;

assert!(!is_rust::is_rust("python")); // python is obviously not rust

Additionally you can check that something is rusty:

extern crate is_rust;


Something can be at least rusty, or rust itself:

extern crate is_rust;


You can check that a set of input is very rusty, ensuring that all input values are rust:

extern crate is_rust;

assert!(is_rust::is_very_rusty(&["rust", "Rust", "RUST", "b7410e"]));

Lastly, you can check that something is not rust, because booleans are hard:

extern crate is_rust;


At this point, Rust should no longer sound like a word.


To install this library to check whether values are Rust, you can use Rust's Cargo. Add the following to your Rust project's Cargo.toml:

is-rust = ""





Returns whether a value is "rusty" or rust itself, meaning it is at least rusty.


Booleans are hard, so we provide a function to check that something is not rust.


Returns whether a value is rust.


Returns whether the given value is equal to "rusty".


Returns whether all of the given values are rust.