[][src]Struct ironoxide::IronOxide

pub struct IronOxide { /* fields omitted */ }

Primary SDK Object

Struct that is used to make authenticated requests to the IronCore API. Instantiated with the details of an account's various ids, device, and signing keys. Once instantiated all operations will be performed in the context of the account provided.


impl IronOxide[src]

pub fn device(&self) -> &DeviceContext[src]

DeviceContext that was used to create this SDK instance

pub fn clear_policy_cache(&self) -> usize[src]

Clears all entries from the policy cache.

Returns the number of entries cleared from the cache.

pub async fn rotate_all(
    rotations: &PrivateKeyRotationCheckResult,
    password: &str,
    timeout: Option<Duration>
) -> Result<(Option<UserUpdatePrivateKeyResult>, Option<Vec<GroupUpdatePrivateKeyResult>>)>

Rotate the private key of the calling user and all groups they are an administrator of where needs_rotation is true. Note that this function has the potential to take much longer than other functions, as rotation will be done individually on each user/group. If rotation is only needed for a specific group, it is strongly recommended to call user_rotate_private_key or group_rotate_private_key instead.


  • rotations - PrivateKeyRotationCheckResult that holds all users and groups to be rotated
  • password - Password to unlock the current user's user master key
  • timeout - timeout for rotate_all. This is a separate timeout from the SDK-wide timeout as it is expected that this operation might take significantly longer than other operations.

Trait Implementations

impl BlindIndexSearchInitialize for IronOxide[src]

impl Debug for IronOxide[src]

Manual implementation of Debug without the recrypt or rng fields

impl DocumentAdvancedOps for IronOxide[src]

impl DocumentOps for IronOxide[src]

impl GroupOps for IronOxide[src]

impl UserOps for IronOxide[src]

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