[][src]Struct ironoxide::PrivateKeyRotationCheckResult

pub struct PrivateKeyRotationCheckResult {
    pub rotations_needed: EitherOrBoth<UserId, Vec1<GroupId>>,

Provides soft rotation capabilities for user and group keys


rotations_needed: EitherOrBoth<UserId, Vec1<GroupId>>


impl PrivateKeyRotationCheckResult[src]

pub fn user_rotation_needed(&self) -> Option<&UserId>[src]

pub fn group_rotation_needed(&self) -> Option<&Vec1<GroupId>>[src]

pub fn rotate_all(
    ironoxide: &IronOxide,
    password: &str
) -> Result<(Option<UserUpdatePrivateKeyResult>, Option<Vec<GroupUpdatePrivateKeyResult>>)>

Rotate the private key of the calling user and all groups they are an administrator of where needs_rotation is true. Note that this function has the potential to take much longer than other functions, as rotation will be done individually on each user/group. If rotation is only needed for a specific group, it is strongly recommended to call user_rotate_private_key() or group_rotate_private_key() instead.


  • ironoxide - IronOxide used to make authenticated requests for the calling user
  • password - Password to unlock the current user's user master key

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