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§Iron Learn

A pure Rust Machine Learning Library


Version 0.3.0 released with limited Matrix Manipulation abilities. Under active development for further implementation support.


This library is designed to facilitate machine learning tasks with a focus on linear algebra operations. Currently, the library supports matrix addition, subtraction, multiplication, transpose, scaling by a scalar and a gradient descent function providing a robust foundation for building more complex machine learning algorithms.



  • The gradient_descent module provides gradient descent optimization


  • A complex number represented by its real and imaginary parts.
  • MatrixDeprecated
    A matrix structure for numerical computations, backed by a tensor.
  • The Tensor structure is the cornerstone of this library, providing a comprehensive suite of mathematical operations for the manipulation of multidimensional data. It is designed to be compatible with all numeric types defined in the numeric module, ensuring versatility and broad applicability in various machine learning contexts.
  • VectorDeprecated
    A Vector struct that encapsulates a Tensor for one-dimensional numerical data.


  • The Numeric trait defines a set of operations that numeric types must support. It includes basic arithmetic operations and the ability to return special values like zero and one.