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A simple, thread-safe, and async-friendly library for IRC clients.

Quick Start

The main public API is entirely exported in client::prelude. This should include everything necessary to write an IRC client or bot.

A Whirlwind Tour

The irc crate is divided into two main modules: client and proto. As the names suggest, the client module captures the whole of the client-side functionality, while the proto module features general components of an IRC protocol implementation that could in principle be used in either client or server software. Both modules feature a number of components that are low-level and can be used to build alternative APIs for the IRC protocol. For the average user, the higher-level components for an IRC client are all re-exported in client::prelude. That module serves as the best starting point for a new user trying to understand the high-level API.


use irc::client::prelude::*;

// configuration is loaded from config.toml into a Config
let client = IrcClient::new("config.toml").unwrap();
// identify comes from ClientExt
// for_each_incoming comes from Client
client.for_each_incoming(|irc_msg| {
    // irc_msg is a Message
    if let Command::PRIVMSG(channel, message) = irc_msg.command {
        if message.contains(client.current_nickname()) {
            // send_privmsg comes from ClientExt
            client.send_privmsg(&channel, "beep boop").unwrap();



A simple, thread-safe, and async-friendly IRC client library.


Errors for irc crate using failure.


Support for the IRC protocol using Tokio.