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This crate implements a simple irc message wrapper.

This project has 2 goals:

  • Ease the access to fields of the message without requiring the user to handle offsets and other IRC related things.
  • Minimize memory foodprint. For this goal the Message struct only owns the String of the actual message. Any parts of the message and other structs only work on references of this string.

Therefore this project expects the strings passed to the struct constructors to be valid parts of the IRC standard.

As reference the RFC2812 and some extensions from IRCv3 are used.


Current support (as of version ‘0.3.*’):

  • Message: Create read-only Message from String or &str and with a builder Message::builder().
  • Tags: access through the indexing operator and iterating over all tags.
  • Prefix: Read-only access + Builder.
  • Parameters List: Read-only access, Iteration over elements, separate access to trailing parameter.
  • Serde: Serialization in any format supported by serde.

Examples - for starters

Simple example with static string:

use irc_rust::Message;

let message = Message::from("@key1=value1;key2=value2 :name!user@host CMD param1 param2 :trailing");

assert_eq!(message.to_string(), "@key1=value1;key2=value2 :name!user@host CMD param1 param2 :trailing");

While reading from standard input the Message::from method has to be used.

use irc_rust::Message;
use std::io::{BufRead, stdin};

for line in stdin().lock().lines() {
    match line {
        Ok(line) => {
            let message = Message::from(line);
            println!("> Received command: {}", message.command());
        Err(e) => {
            println!("got error; aborting: {}", e);



A simple irc message containing tags, prefix, command, parameters and a trailing parameter.


A MessageBuilder for a simpler generation of a message instead of building an string first.


Parameter list with an optional trailing message.


Message prefix containing a name (servername or nickname) and optional user and host. If the user and host are set the name is semantically seen as the nickname.


Tag Map as described through IRCv3.