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A crate for generating plural rule operands from numberical input.

This crate generates plural operands according to the specifications outlined at Unicode’s website.

Input is supported for int, float, and &str.


Plural rules example for Polish

use intl_pluralrules::{PluralRules, PluralRuleType, PluralCategory};
use unic_langid::LanguageIdentifier;

let langid: LanguageIdentifier = "pl".parse().expect("Parsing failed.");


let pr = PluralRules::create(langid.clone(), PluralRuleType::CARDINAL).unwrap();
assert_eq!(pr.select(1), Ok(PluralCategory::ONE));
assert_eq!(pr.select("3"), Ok(PluralCategory::FEW));
assert_eq!(pr.select(12), Ok(PluralCategory::MANY));
assert_eq!(pr.select("5.0"), Ok(PluralCategory::OTHER));

assert_eq!(pr.get_locale(), &langid);


A public AST module for plural rule representations. Plural operands in compliance with CLDR Plural Rules.


The main structure for selecting plural rules.


A public enum for handling the plural category. Each plural category will vary, depending on the language that is being used and whether that language has that plural category.
A public enum for handling plural type.