pub extern crate inet2_derive;
pub use presentation::sphinx;
pub use presentation::tlv;
pub use presentation::Payload;
pub use presentation::TypeId;
pub use presentation::TypedEnum;
pub use session::NodeAddr;
pub use session::PartialNodeAddr;
pub use session::RemoteNodeAddr;
pub use session::ToNodeAddr;
pub use session::ToRemoteNodeAddr;
pub use transport::zmqsocket;
pub use transport::ftcp;
pub use transport::Duplex;
pub use transport::FramingProtocol;
pub use transport::LocalSocketAddr;
pub use transport::RemoteSocketAddr;
pub use transport::RoutedFrame;
pub use transport::ZmqSocketAddr;
pub use transport::ZmqType;
pub use transport::ZMQ_CONTEXT;
pub use transport::ZMQ_CONTEXT;


BOLT-8 related structures and functions covering Lightning network transport layer

LNP transport level works with framed messages of defined size. This messages can be put into different underlying transport protocols, including streaming protocols (like TCP), or overlaid over application-level protocols like HTTP, Websockets, SMTP (for high-latency communication networks). Current mod implements such overlays and provides TCP with the required framing functionality (this variant is called FTCP). It also integrates with ZMQ such that the upper level can abstract for a particular transport protocol used.


Local node private keys

Address type do not support ONION address format and can be used only with IPv4 or IPv6 addresses

Returned after a successful handshake to encrypt and decrypt communication with peer nodes. It should not normally be manually instantiated. Automatically handles key rotation. For decryption, it is recommended to call decrypt_message_stream for automatic buffering.

Error representing unknown LNP message type


Error extracting transport-level address types (FramingProtocol, LocalSocketAddr, RemoteSocketAddr) and session-level node types (NodeAddr, LocalNode, RemoteNodeAddr) from string, URLs and other data types



Trait used by different address types (transport-, session- and presentation-based) for getting scheme part of the URL

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