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This is the new event type, used only by uinput. ‘code’ is UI_FF_UPLOAD or UI_FF_ERASE, and ‘value’ is the unique request ID.

Protocol version.


Erase a force effect

get abs value/limits

get event bits

Report number of effects playable at the same time

get device ID

get global key state

get keycode

get keycode

get all LEDs

Retrieve current event mask

get MT slot values

get device name

get physical location

get device properties

get repeat settings

get all sounds status

get all switch states

get unique identifier

get driver version

Grab/Release device

Revoke device access

send a force effect to a force feedback device

set abs value/limits

Set clockid to be used for timestamps

set keycode

set keycode

Set event mask

set repeat settings

Set absolute axis information for the device to setup

Set device parameters for setup

get the sysfs name of the created uinput device

Return version of uinput protocol

Type Definitions

Nix’s main error type.

Nix Result Type