Struct inotify_sys::inotify_event[][src]

pub struct inotify_event { pub wd: c_int, pub mask: uint32_t, pub cookie: uint32_t, pub len: uint32_t, }

Describes a file system event

From inotify(7):

To determine what events have occurred, an application read(2)s from the inotify file descriptor. If no events have so far occurred, then, assuming a blocking file descriptor, read(2) will block until at least one event occurs (unless interrupted by a signal, in which case the call fails with the error EINTR; see signal(7)).

Each successful read(2) returns a buffer containing one or more of this structure.


Identifies the watch for which this event occurs

This is one of the watch descriptors returned by a previous call to inotify_add_watch().

Describes the type file system event

One of the following bits will be set, to identify the type of event:

Some constants cover multiple bits, and can be used for a less precise check of the event type:

In addition, the IN_ISDIR bit can be set.

A number that connects related events

Currently used only for rename events. A related pair of IN_MOVED_FROM and IN_MOVED_TO events will have the same, non-zero, cookie. For all other events, cookie is 0.

The length of name

Used to determine the size of this structure. When name isn't present (name is only present when an event occurs for a file inside a watched directory), it is 0. When name is present, it counts all of name's bytes, including \0.

The name field is present only when an event is returned for a file inside a watched directory; it identifies the file pathname relative to the watched directory. This pathname is null-terminated, and may include further null bytes ('\0') to align subsequent reads to a suitable address boundary.

The name field has been ommited in this struct's definition.

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