[][src]Crate init_guard


The Init_Guard Crate provides a Synchronization Primitive, that can be used to guard against double initialization.

For this, the init_guard macro is exported. The init_guard macro creates a new module that contains everything needed for the init_guard.

The Module contains two public Methods, init() and has_init().


The has_init function has the following definition:

fn has_init() -> bool

The has_init function returns true, if the init_guard was already initialized.


The init function has the following definition:

fn init() -> Result<(),()>

The init function returns Ok, if the init_guard was succesfully initialized and Err, if it was already initialized before

Usage Example

init_guard!(HAS_LOGGER_INIT); // Create the init_guard

fn init_logger() -> Result<(),String> {
    match HAS_LOGGER_INIT::init() {
        Ok(_) => {},
        Err(_) => {return Err("Logger is already initialized!".to_string())}
    // Everything after this is now safe from double initialization

    // Do your actual logger initialization here