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Core types for influxive crates. The main point of this crate is to expose the MetricWriter trait to be used by downstream influxive crates.

Example Metric type creation:

let _metric = influxive_core::Metric::new(std::time::SystemTime::now(), "")
    .with_field("field.bool", true)
    .with_field("field.float", 3.14)
    .with_field("field.signed", -42)
    .with_field("field.unsigned", 42)
    .with_field("field.string", "string.value")
    .with_tag("tag.bool", true)
    .with_tag("tag.float", 3.14)
    .with_tag("tag.signed", -42)
    .with_tag("tag.unsigned", 42)
    .with_tag("tag.string", "string.value");


  • A metric to record in the influxdb instance.


  • Field-type enum for sending data to InfluxDB.
  • String type handling various string types usable by InfluxDB.


  • Indicates a type that is capable of writing metrics to an InfluxDB instance.


  • Standin until std::io::Error::other is stablized.