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Simple, fast and self-contained structs for tracking whether a newly observed value (u64) is greater than the largest previously observed value.

Use cases include message sequence numbers, timestamps, and other situations that present a need to quickly assess whether incoming data is "new", i.e. its numbering is larger than any previous value.

All of the structs include an is_new function that returns true if the passed value is a new maximum, while simultaneously storing the new value to check against future values.

Two of the is_new implementations (Incr and Map) require an &mut self signature, while RcIncr and AtomicIncr and AtomicMap require only &self due to RcIncr's interior mutability and AtomicIncr's thread safe syncrhonization.

The cost of checking a new value is minimal: 0-2ns for the single-threaded implementations, and ~5-10ns for AtomicIncr, except in cases of pathological contention. In a worst-case, nightmare scenrio benchmark for the AtomicIncr, it's possible to induce delays of hundreds of nanoseconds. A more realistic case of 24 threads contending to increment the atomic but yielding each iteration resulted in checks in the ~5-10ns range.

Enabling the "nightly" feature (on by default) allows the use of AtomicU64 as the backing storage for AtomicIncr (vs. AtomicUsize otherwise). Also, nightly is required to run the benchmarks.

Enabling the "fnv" feature will use a Fowler-Noll-Vo hash function from the fnv crate for the HashMap used by Map and AtomicMap. FNV is faster than the default hasher but provides no protection against malicious inputs.



AtomicIncr is a threadsafe, yet very fast counter, utilizing compare and swap instructions to provide speed and safety in the same package. There are some cases where 5ns matters. But in many, many other situations, it's a perfectly good decision to just use the AtomicIncr, knowing it can handle anything, and move on to other problems.


Like Map, AtomicMap provides simple, fast sequence checking by key, but with the thread-safe backing storage of AtomicIncr.


A self-contained struct for quickly checking whether a newly observed value is greater than any previously observed value.


A map interface allowing fast checks of whether a newly observed value is greater than any previously observed value for a given key.


The Rc<Cell<_>> backed storage of RcIncr provides flexibility in situations where the counter must be shared among several disparate objects/contexts while retaining consistentcy between all the references of the count. RcIncr is not threadsafe, and even in single-threaded code Rc<Cell<T>> has some tricky edge cases, for instance if a Cell<T> is used as the key to a hash map and the interior value mutated (fair warning).