[][src]Struct imgdata::manager::Manager

pub struct Manager {
    pub image: RgbaImage,
    pub color_file: ColorFile,
    pub lookup: HashMap<Rgba<u8>, String>,


image: RgbaImagecolor_file: ColorFilelookup: HashMap<Rgba<u8>, String>


impl Manager[src]

pub fn new(opts: ManagerOptions) -> Manager[src]

pub fn get(&self, x: u32, y: u32) -> PixelData[src]

pub fn hash(&self, x: u32, y: u32) -> u64[src]

pub fn colors_hex(&self) -> Vec<String>[src]

pub fn colors_rgb(&self) -> Vec<[u8; 3]>[src]

pub fn color_names(&self) -> Vec<String>[src]

pub fn unique_hex_colors(&self) -> Vec<String>[src]

pub fn unique_rgb_colors(&self) -> Vec<[u8; 3]>[src]

pub fn show_names(&self)[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Manager

impl Send for Manager

impl Sync for Manager

impl Unpin for Manager

impl UnwindSafe for Manager

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