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Ilyvion’s hodgepodge collection of useful utility types and functions.


  • Cache implementations based on the Rust book exercises.
  • chronochrono
    Various chrono utilities
  • Deals with conversions between color spaces
  • environmentenvironment
    Provides a macro to help with using environment variables more ergonomically.
  • Useful file utilities
  • Various f64 and f32 extensions
  • Various Iterator extensions
  • Adds a map() method to any type, allowing for inline conversion from one type to another.
  • Various HashMap and BTreeMap extensions
  • Provides functionality for treating a one-dimensional Vec/slice as if it were two-dimensional.
  • A trait and a type useful for dealing with types with a NaN value. This is f32 and f64.
  • ownershipborrowned
    Own-borrow types, that lets you use both borrowed and owned values interchangeably. Differs from Cow mainly in that it borrows mutably, and doesn’t convert the borrowed type into the owned type on write.
  • permutationpermutation
    Functionality for generating permutations
  • Various String and str extensions